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The Rostov-on-Don research and scientific center "ENIO" for hands-on eniology has been established in 1992 as North-Caucasus Center for hands-on eniology and normalization of human health and environement. In 1995, the Center was re-registered as non-governement educational organization No.375 (by Rostov-on-Don Certification Chamber; Certificate No.20 ОУ-РП).

By now, the Center has accumulated a significant experience in practical and enlightening work in an area of energy and informational exchange. So it is no wonder that the Center's representatives have been invited by Russia Federation State Duma to take part in discussion on a bill "On energy and informational safety for population".

Methods the Center is using now are patentable. They allow to carry out corrections of both individual and social conditions: a human health state is coming to normal, a social strain and zombi programs are being removed, as well as results of poltergeist, UFO, and psychotronic influences. A general monitoring of events field is possible (a predicting and correction of future catastrophes, cataclysms, weather conditions, etc.).

The Center is a non-profitable organization, having no quotes as to its service. For urgent cases, the Center helps using a hot telephone line.

In spite of its certain financial problems, the Center, for already five years, is being publishing a monthly paper of "The Centaur crossroads" where, in scientific and accessible form, brings to a wide reader the problems of energy and informational exchange.

Address of The ENIO-Center: 344082, Rostov-on-Don, Pushkinskaya str., 16, of. 2. Tel.: 8-938-151-44-21

Currency account for: НОУ НИЦ П.Э. "ЭНИО" г. Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Жмайлова, 4Е